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The Unknown

Did you ever think that as a child you’d be just where you’d be,

A dream, a prayer, sometimes a wish, a time you didn’t see.

If you could change a point in time, a turn that led you down,

A path to quick fire love and joy, but life with permanent frown.

To risk and challenge what you know, to tempt the twist of fate,

To breathe some fear into your heart,  the horror which may create.

The speedy thrust of adrenaline, it flows out through your veins,

Or do you stamp upon your breaks and pull down on the reigns.

Are you someone who tempers fate and stretches out too far,

Or do you stick with what you have and just like who you are .

As fortune favours us ‘the brave’ and those with battle scars,

are you the one who battles tears, instead the fight with stars.

For I am one who every day, sits silently all alone,

who dances through the shadows, a name that is unknown.

Who fights the demons every day, no sword here by my side,

A set of tags which hold my name, a certain sense of pride.



The fields of Bastion 3

(To the tune of “Fields of athenry”)

Beside the Bastion Walls,
I heard a scuffer calling.
Op Malarky in the bloody rain.
7 months will soon be gone,
Our work here will be done,
I’ll be spending my bonus on a bloody car.


Oh my I saw some Tal-i-ban,
He waved, I shot, he ran into the sand.
The QRF were called,
Sunbathing was cancelled.
But its integration back at Honnington. 

Ver 2

We wait for paradigm,
The scuffer queue is growing.
One of the “big 3” ain’t at effin work!
Ospreys need to be shot,
Tesseral has been forgot.
I’ll be spending my bonus on a bloody car.

Chorus …

Ver 3

Flight line and MEP,
Work hard into the night.
Has anybody seen Ops team today?
Last time was in the Gym, then the Naafi then back to the gym.
I’ll be spending my bonus on a bloody car.


The end. 

Enjoy and it’s all banter peeps

The men of the Red and Black

(Tune Men of Harlech)


Men of Henlow stop your dreaming,
Can’t you see our trade is screaming.
See our warrior’s they are fleeing,
From this trade of ours.


Please just stand and listen,
can’t you see what’s missing.
At the top, don’t need a Rock, we need a Cop magician.
Men of Henlow we’re free falling,
to the depths of the forgotten. They shall fight with dogs beside them,
Always Red and Black.


From the depths of FP Towers,
Plans afoot to try ‘n destroy us.
Blue or green we stand as brothers
The trade we’ll always be.


Please just stand and listen,
can’t you see what’s missing.
From the top, don’t need a Rock, we need a Cop Magician.
Men of Henlow we’re free falling, to the depths of the forgotten.
We shall fight with dogs beside us,
Always Red and Black.

The Final Journey

The Final Journey

A man once said to me,

it’s time to take the trip.

To have walked the land and to have sailed the seas,

I failed to get a grip.

I travelled distances easily,

to where my dreams came true.

Its only for my Open Mind,

I saw that skies were Blue.

To make it to the Pearly Gates,

the ‘city in the Sky’.

I turned my sadness into joy,

And slipped in on the sly.


I took a trip down to London today, to the impressive Imperial War Museum.  I’ve always wanted to visit there, but today wasn’t a significant day, but just a trip to get out of the house and to do something whilst I was on leave.

On the train down to London, I was thinking about what the Museum represented, which in turn brought some anger from deep inside of me, thinking of how people treat those who represent our Armed Forces especially those who fought during 1914-18 and 1939-45.  The ignorance of the youth of today, (although not quite a pensioner myself) used to really eat at me, not because I am a serving member of HM Forces, but that they do not really care, understand, want to understand or show respect to these wonderful people.

Have I been one of “The Youth”?  Most definitely, but I knew from my peers, that there was a respect required and to give that respect and gratitude, you had to understand.

In 1991, I was sat in a German Lesson with Frau Schmidt at Holyhead High School. I detested learning German.  The teacher asked me why I did not enjoy learning a new language and like a flash I said; “Millions of people died defending this country, so people like me wouldn’t have to speak German.”  She looked stunned and well, I felt proud.  Was I speaking from the heart, with historic pride or just like a spotty 12-year-old boy who had heard someone else say it.

I have been lucky enough to have met some truly inspiring people in my life, who have shared their stories of “During the War” and although they tell you with pure joy, as you sit there with them, engorged on their tales, if you look closer, you will see their pain, their fears and their haunted past.  These Men and Women without a question asked, stood up side by side, all religions, all faiths, all sexualities, all, colour, creed and race to fight for freedom……..for us.

I muttered to myself all the way to the Museum to arrive to see bus loads of children inside, taking in all that was on show, questions asked, impatience and nervous energy for answers to something that maybe does mean something to them.  I took a seat outside and listened to a Grandfather talk to his Grandson about his “tales” and I truly believe that the pain, fear and haunted past may have been removed, even for one brief moment.

I stand corrected to the youth of today……I hope you will make this country proud…..but Lest you forget.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon CBE MC (8 September 1886 – 1 September 1967)


I sit here today and feel that I am a lucky man that I have lived to experience what we know as cult 80’s film.  I was born in 79, not with flares or “fuck off” collars, but in preperation for what was to be the greatest decade in entertainment. 

We had been brieifly teased by Star Wars in ’77, but it was the dawn of the 1980’s that inspired thinkers, believers, achievers that SFX was not rubber puppets or “Sinbad” still motion models.  The old cowboy movies and musicals had been and gone (thank Jebus- except Rocky Horror) and on came the SCI-FI and decent Horror in all it’s glory.  They flowed like fine wine at a roman “gang bang”.  Yes some efforts were poor and do not qulaify a mention, but then we had Star Wars Ep5 & 6, ET – The Extra Terestrial, The Back to the Future Trilogy, Alien, Blade Runner, Total Recall, The Terminator and many many more.  Then came the comeback from the good old Hammer Horror days with Jason and Freddy, The Candyman, The Evil Dead and who could forget, good old Chucky.

I now look at the poor old attempts to remake these classics and just because of Buzz, Woody and Neo we have countless crap that is abused by CGI.  Don’t get me wrong there are some great use of this style of filmaking (Who framed Roger Rabbit for one -90’s) but they believe that with a lCGI, the film will be better.  Examples of which, The Transformers, I prefered the cartoon, Clash of the Titans, utter poo and no use of the mechanical owl at all.  My friend still cries at the Star Trek conversion and……….I’m just gonna say it…FUCKING JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I sit here disapointed that film making isn’t a skill or a passion anymore, but more of how much money and CGI you can throw at it.  I’m not an 80’s decade fan overall, the clothes, Boy George and many utter shite one hit wonders.  But what I did love was sitting on the sofa in the cold Welsh winter months, young eyes wide open, big smiles as you hear the opening sequence to a 80’s movie that devours you, takes you to another place for 90 minutes, where dreams did come true.